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Welcome to Renton Christian School

Modeling Christ. Achieving Excellence.

RCS was founded in 1979 and functions upon the basic fundamental principles of the Word of God, and it espouses the historic Christian view of life as presented in the Bible. RCS is a close-knit community that teaches academics from a Biblical worldview in a Christ centered environment in order to Disciple & Evangelize students.

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The Royal Way

Be Kind

Be respectful to one another, doing our best to not put others down. Showing the love of Jesus in everything do and everywhere we go.

Be Safe

Practicing safety so that we can keep ourselves and each other from getting hurt.

Be Responsible

Did you know that when you point your finger at someone, three fingers are pointing back to you? Be responsible by taking ownership of our actions instead of blaming others.

Be Committed

We are committed to ourselves, our teachers, and our classmates by doing the right thing. Choosing kindness, being safe and showing responsibility in all our actions is the Royal Way.