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Online High School

Why Renton Christian Online High School?

According to the "International Association for K-12 Online Learning," the growth of online learning in K-12 schools is exploding. Today, there are millions of K-12 students taking online courses, with many of them attending virtual schools full-time. Over the next decade, exponential growth of online learning is expected both in private and public schools. Why? Technology is not an obstacle to learning for today's students, known as "digital natives," as it might be for their parents or grandparents, but an often-used tool with which they are quite comfortable. Plus, the costs of such education are far more reasonable than when operating large buildings and campuses.

At Renton Christian School, we offer a virtual high school experience with many benefits that cater to the 21st century teenage student, especially those who seek a successful college career in their future. RCS offers:

  • Curriculum that integrates biblical principles throughout and is presented by qualified Christian teachers.
  • The freedom and flexibility to study at times and at the pace that best suits them.
  • Weekly accountability with each teacher and RCS administrators that monitor progress.
  • Rigorous courses whose content provide excellent preparation for continued studies in college.

There are many other reasons why students might prefer the virtual high school experience. There are many types of students who will flourish in this environment as well.

Are you one of those students? Explore more information below about attending Renton Christian Online High School.

We look forward to hearing from you!


To qualify for full-time status, a student must take a minimum of 5 courses per semester.

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Tuition & Payment Plans

Visit our Tuition & Payment Plans page to learn about all available payment options for your student.

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