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Education & Sports at RCS: a full mind and body workout.

A full program of sports activity

Sports are offered to 6th-8th grades with the exception of basketball and track. Basketball is offered to 3rd-5th grade and track is offered to 5th grade.

High standards for coaches and parents

Every coach at Renton Christian is here to help your child develop as a Christian and a student-athlete. All coaches have an open door policy when it comes to communication with the parents who have children involved in athletics. The role that parents play in the life of a child/athlete has a tremendous impact on the sport experience. With that in mind, the athletic department asks parents to sign the Expectations for Parents of RCS Athletes.

Cost for programs

Cheerleading - $200 (Cheerleaders must also pay for uniform, camp and gear expenses)
Boys & Girls Soccer - $125 per student
Girls Volleyball -$125 per student
Boys & Girls Basketball - $125 per student
Boys & Girls Track - $100 per student
Boys & Girls Cross Country - $100 per student
* Fees must be paid before uniform is issued to your student.

Physical Exams

1) Physical examinations last for two years and must be updated when expired.
2) Physical examinations must be completed before the first practice of that particular sport's season.
3) Physical examination forms are to be completed by the student’s doctor. CLICK HERE to access the physical exam form.
4) Athletic Registration form is to be completed by the parent or guardian and the physical exam to be uploaded into this form. CLICK HERE for the Athletic Registration Form.
5) 3rd-5th basketball player's parents need to sign a waiver form for their child to participate.

Sports Physical Forms

Physical Examination to be completed by doctor.
Athletic Registration Form