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Things to Know this Week (March 8)

Things to Know this Week (March 8)

RCS Families,


God is at work at Renton Christian! This week at chapel, 32 students publicly declared their faith in Jesus Christ though water baptism. Spiritual formation is a foundational element of RCS. When a student begins or develops their faith in Christ, we celebrate! So far this school year, over 50 students decided to make Jesus Christ their Lord and Savior! When this decision happens, we encourage students to connect with a pastor at their church to make that decision public. Many churches use water baptism to outwardly declare this inward transformation. Each year, we provide an opportunity for RCS students to be baptized at one of our chapels. It was so moving to see 32 students publicly profess their faith in front of their peers at chapel this week! Please join me in praying for each of these students. Pray that the commitment they made will carry them to adulthood and ultimately to eternity.


Here are a few of things to know this week:


RCS Gala and Auction | 6:30pm, Friday, March 22nd | Main Auditorium

It’s not too late to join us at our Annual Gala and Auction on Friday, March 22nd. We have some exciting news about our RCS High School to share. CLICK HERE to register today! Come expecting a grand Fiesta meal, live music, live and silent auction, friends, community, and an inspiring message on the vision and future of Renton Christian School. Doors open at 5:00pm. Dinner is served at 6:30pm and childcare is available! Please buy your tickets today! For more information and to register for this event CLICK HERE.


RCS Mother Son Night | 5:30pm-7:30pm, March 14th 

Our first ever Mother Son event will take place on Thursday, March 14th! We have booked out DEFY, the indoor trampoline park in Tukwila, from 5:30pm to 7:30pm. RCS Mothers and Mother Figures, get ready for an incredible night of fun with your son. There is no charge for this RCS family event. Onsite concessions will be available for purchase. CLICK HERE to complete the required waiver from DEFY.


Serving Opportunities | Lunch Helpers, RCS Auction, Grandparent’s Day, etc. 

We have some great opportunities for you to get involved at RCS. We are looking for some parents to assist us with our new lunch program, help facilitate our upcoming Auction and Grandparent’s Day events. CLICK HERE to see how you can get involved. Thank you for your continued partnership.


Save the Date! | RCS Grandparents Day | April 26th | 11am – 2pm

We are excited to announce the return of Grandparent's Day on Friday, April 26th. We had so many Grandparents come last year that we decided to dedicate an entire school day for this year. Only students with participating Grandparents will need to join us onsite for April 26th. Grandparents will hear about the vision of RCS and the amazing ways God is working in the lives of staff and students. They will have the opportunity to visit an RCS classroom, engage with their grandchildren in a fun classroom activity and get a memorable picture taken.  They will also eat a delicious Chick-fil-A lunch together. This is a day to honor RCS grandparents and to share the future vision of RCS. Please let your RCS grandparents know about this amazing day. They won’t want to miss it. They can CLICK HERE to RSVP. Please RSVP by April 3rd. Please contact Mai Bonilla at or (425) 226-0820 ext. 487


STEM Day Recap

Wednesday was STEM Day at RCS! Steamboat Studios spent the day with us. Each RCS student learned about different forms of forces and magnetism. They saw science demonstrations in an assembly and then performed hands-on experiments in the classroom with personalized science kits. It was a great day of inspiration and instilling scientific curiosity in each student.


Prayer & Encouragement:

This year I am reading through the Bible from the beginning. Right now, I am reading through the book of Numbers. I love this book, not just because I am a numbers guy, but also because it demonstrates God’s intentionality and provision for His people. The book of Numbers records the journey of Moses and the Israelite people through the Desert of Sinai after they left Egypt and on their way to the promised land. This journey was full of frustration, complaints, and hardships. However, it was also full of God’s provision, presence, and protection. The humanity of the people of God was on full display. God’s presence was clear through a cloud by day and a pillar of fire by night. God’s provision was miraculous by providing manna each morning and water from rocks. God’s protection from their surrounding enemies was powerful. Despite all of this, several times, the Israelites, complained to Moses for bringing them out of the slavery of Egypt. Why? I believe they allowed the hardships of the moment to suppress the promise of their future. The unknowns of the Promised Land and the challenges of the journey created more discomfort than the known reality of their past. God has a purpose and a call for each of us to fulfill His mission going forward. This applies to us individually and together as a school. God gave us a dream to see 100 students graduate each year, rooted in Christ, and equipped to change the world. Let’s remain focused on where God is calling us rather than where we were or any momentary hardships. We serve a faithful God. My prayer is that God’s presence, provision, and protection will remain on each person at Renton Christian. Please join me in prayer for God's continued clarity, wisdom, and direction.


Have a great weekend!




Randy McMillan

RCS | Head of School 

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Things to Know this Week (March 8)