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APRIL 2018
Randy McMillan,  Head of School
RCS Family,
Easter is here! This Sunday we will join millions of other Christians celebrating our risen Savior. Amid the busyness of Easter Egg Hunts, Easter service, and spending time with family and friends, I want to encourage you to find a moment to pause. Find a moment to personally reflect on the profound expression of mercy and grace that God demonstrated when He sent His Son to die on the cross for our sins. "While we were still sinners, Christ died for us," Romans 5:8. Wow! God's individual love for you and me is incredible.
I pray that God will fill you with His grace and rest this weekend and over Easter break. I am looking forward to the last couple months of this school year, and I am already anticipating an incredible year next fall! This is a great time to be part of RCS. I am honored to serve this amazing community!
Randy McMillan
Head of School

Laura Brundage, Elementary Principal

Motivation! What do you do to get your child motivated? We are in the long push to get to the end of the year and believe you me, spring fever is a real thing! So, as a parent what can you do to get a fire burning under your child, that gets them going?

Encourage your child to express themselves with open communication. When they are reassured that their needs and wants are heard, they are more engaged in their own learning and take the driver's seat.

Focus on their interests. When they are involved in something that interests them, learning becomes fun! They seek out ways to learn more about the things that interest them. Learning is curiosity, don't squelch it. Share your enthusiasm about what you like. Your excitement will rub off on them and they will be inspired by you. When you model joy and enthusiasm that you have in learning something, they become excited too.

Focus on what they are learning not on their performance. Instead of focusing on the grade, have them teach you what they learned. The highest level of mastery is achieved when you can teach others what you know. Help them stay organized. I know this is a big one. When they are organized, they feel more in control and are less overwhelmed. Instilling responsibility is another way to build motivation. Lastly, turn every day into a learning day. When each day is filled with wonder and curiosity, your child will develop internal motivation to learn where ever they are. They will be drawn to explore the world around them! God's beauty is fun!

Julie Schmitke, Secondary Principal
Battle of Ideas about God - Worldviews and the Bible

In February, I had the pleasure of starting an after school class with teachers for biblical worldview training. Not only does this group of teachers enjoy connecting together in their own learning, we are enjoying the content immensely!

The Secret Battle of Ideas about God professional development curriculum is from the same publisher as our 8th grade Bible curriculum. It explores key topics and how these are viewed by different worldviews. The questions are:
  • Am I loved?
  • Why do I hurt?
  • Does my life have meaning?
The answer to each of these questions is different depending on the person's worldview. If you read my article on Gen Z (the group of students currently in our school), you may have picked up on the post-modern theme. Post-modern thought is prevalent in our society. In fact, some even label today's society as Post-Christian. It is a very fatalistic view of relative morals, no hope, and uncertainty. Only the Bible and belief in who Jesus is answers all of these questions and gives hope. This is the heart of Christian education. Here is how belief in Christ answers the questions above:
  • Am I loved?
    - Absolutely! You are loved so much that God gave his only Son to be the final sacrifice for sin so that you can be in relationship with His perfect love. John 3:16
  • Why do I hurt? 
    We live in a fallen world with sin and disease. We cannot define evil and hurt without knowing what is good and joyful, and all that is good and joyful comes from God.
  • Does my life have meaning? 
    Yes! In the words of Os Guinness, "Our primary calling as followers of Christ is by him, to him and for him." Living in Christ is freedom. Romans 8:2
I pray that this Easter you will know personally who God is. If you are blessed with this realization already, celebrate who He is making you to be. I have hope every day because I serve a mighty God who is ordering my steps.
BASC Parents:

There will be NO non-school days provided
during Easter Break, April 2nd - 6th.   
Have a wonderful and restful break! 
                      BASC will resume on Monday, April 9th at 6:30 am
                                                Thank you.  - Mr. Mike  
Teachers vs. Students Basketball Game 
April 20 @ 3:30pm
Don't miss this RCS Family Event!  Come to cheer on classmates and your favorite teachers, including Mrs. Brundage, Mr. Lambert, Mrs. Nilson, Mrs. Wagner and Mr. McMillan! Plus, there will be prizes and concessions!
Thank you to everyone who purchased player spots at the auction.  There are still a few spots available for students in 4th-6th grades. $50 each. If interested, please email Desi Tucker.
SOS Opportunity! 2 volunteers needed to sell concessions at the game. Please email PTF.
Auction Results!

Thank you to all the volunteers, donors, attendees and sponsors that helped make this event possible.
We are excited to report that with your help, we raised $62,000! The proceeds will be used to improve the space behind the gym stage into two locker rooms for athletics & PE. This will provide much needed facilities for athletic teams to change and meet prior to games. 
Also, if you are interested in joining next year's Auction Planning Committee, please email Thank you.


RCS Family Night @ Mariners
May 4 @ 7:10pm
Bring your family and friends to RCS's Family Night at the Mariners on Friday, May 4th. To purchase tickets ($13 each) please sign up HERE tickets will be available for pickup in the office between April 30 - May 4.
Note: Friday May 4th will be "Mariners" Spirit Day and students will be excused from wearing uniform if they are dressed in Mariners/Baseball fan gear. Jeans are acceptable. Go Mariners!
See you at the game!  Questions? Please email

Hello families! 

The Renton Christian Library is in need of parents who are able to help shelve and organize books.  Hours and times are flexible.   This is a great way to earn SOS hours while helping make our library awesome!   if you are interested in helping in the Library, Please contact Lisa Hopp at  


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