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Talent Show
Parent Enrichment Night, 7 pm 
Randy McMillan,  Head of School
Wow! Our first Open House was a huge success! Almost 150 people attended and a record number of families registered on the spot. The future of RCS is bright!  We expect most of our grades to be full or near full.
If you have not re-enrolled yet, please do so this week. We want to make sure each of these new families can join the RCS Family. Your re-enrollment helps us know what spots we have available.
Click here to begin the re-enrollment process
for current students. After logging in, select
"Enrollment/Re-enrollment" under "Family Information" on the left.
Click here to enroll a sibling of a current student. Don't wait to enroll your younger kids especially if they are in Kindergarten Prep or Kindergarten!
Thank you for trusting us with the education of your child and being part of the RCS Family!
Randy McMillan
Head of School

Laura Brundage, Elementary Principal

We are just over half way through the school year. Were you already aware of that? I bet the students in 8th grade are counting down the days until summer, then high school. Because we are half way through, now is the perfect time to remind students about ways to stay engaged in school. 

At the beginning of the year I bet you all discussed with your child how to behave and work hard in class. Now is the time for the refresher course of that message. There are specific habits that students can create that will help them to be better students. When these become habits, then the student spends less brain energy on the basic tasks and can focus on the learning tasks.

Here are some ideas that you can discuss with your child in order to improve their skills.
  • Have your backpack ready the night before
  • Keep your materials in your backpack and desk organized
  • Pay attention in class
  • Follow directions
  • Ask for help when you need it
  • Participate in class activities
  • Always do your best
These seem simple. When the importance of these habits are discussed both at home and at school, children begin to see their importance.

We love partnering with you and look forward to an amazing second half of the year!

Julie Schmitke, Secondary Principal
The Five Love Languages of Teenagers  
(Book by Gary Chapman)
Have you ever had your child tell you that they don't feel like you love them? Or have you felt unloved by your child? It's important that we know how we express love and how others receive it. This is true with teens too. Maybe it's just because you're not speaking their love language. I always reflect on the five love languages, as identified by Gary Chapman, when we approach Valentine's Day. You may already be familiar with his work. Did you know that he wrote a book to address the love languages of teens?

The Five Love Languages Are:
For Teens This May Look Like:
Words of Affirmation
  • Words of Praise
  • Words of Affection
  • Speak Affirming Words in Front of the Family
  • Sincerity
  • Praise specifics with detail
  • When you can't praise results, praise efforts
  • "I relish being with you", "I adore you", "I feel proud when I think about you", "You are my sunshine", "If I could choose any teenager in the world, I would choose you", "You are so wonderful", "I love it when you're around"
Physical Touch
  • Appropriate time for touching
  • Appropriate place for touching (i.e. high five versus a hug)
Quality Time
  • Togetherness
  • Quality Conversation
  • Quality Activities
  • The Right Environment for Quality Time
  • Connecting with eyes, words, touch, and body language
  • A dialogue of sharing experiences, thoughts, feelings, and desires in a friendly, accepting atmosphere.
  • Teenagers are creatures of action
  • Homework, attending activities, driving teens to the mall and shopping with them create opportunities for quality time with teens
  • Choose events your teen likes
Acts of Service
  • Manipulation is not love (deal making)
  • Reciprocal Love
  • Modeling and guiding - do what your teen cannot do for themselves
  • Helping our teen's sense of identity and independence
  • Gifts are visible, tangible evidence of emotional love
  • Should be done with some measure of ceremony
To explore our child's love language, have them take the test by clicking the link. By comparing your love language to your child's you can better communicate and build relationship with them. Valentine's Day is the perfect time to do this!

For every newly enrolled family that you refer to Renton Christian School, $1,000 will be discounted from your tuition. Some restrictions apply, but this is a great way to help our school grow and to receive a discount on your child's tuition for 2018 - 2019.  Please contact our Registrar,
Charity Warren, if you have any questions.


FEB 26 @ 7PM
Kids today are growing up in an always connected, technology immersed culture.  Join other RCS parents as we discuss how to we can navigate this maze our kids.  Pastor Matt Harder, youth pastor of New Life, will join us and share about the pitfalls may students fall into in this area and how we can stay engaged as parents.  Regardless of the age of your children, this will be a valuable discussion you don't want to miss.
The  RCS Annual Auction is 4 weeks away!
This year we are raising money to invest in converting the space behind the gym stage into two locker rooms for athletics & PE.  Each will have a bathroom accessible inside.  This will provide much needed facilities for athletic teams to change and meet prior to games.  It will also provide the opportunity for upper grades to change into athletic clothes prior to PE.

YOUR participation in our Auction as a Sponsor, Attendee or Volunteer is what makes all the difference!  Get Involved Today!  
Click here to purchase Auction tickets;  Click here  to sign up as a volunteer.

Our Lost & Found closet  is currently full and over-flowing with unclaimed  clothing, lunch pails, water bottles    and other miscellaneous items.  The Lost & Found closet is located in the three story Education Wing, by the trophy cabinet.    Be sure to check the closet out  for items you may be missing.  Please be aware that the closet will be cleaned and organized the second week in February.  All unclaimed items will be donated to a charitable organization.

In case of a school closure or delay, you can go to the FlashAlert Newswire and Messenger web site  and sign up to receive emails through a  free phone app. Select and right click on the address below to go to the Flash Alert page.

February BASC News  
Happy February, BASC Parents!!

Please note these important dates coming up:   
  • Thursday, February 15th, BASC & SLC will be closing at 4PM. 
  • BASC will closed on Friday, February 16th for Staff In-service Training. 
  • Monday, February 19th, BASC & SLC will be closed in honor of President's Day.
Please be sure to cancel any previous non-school day(s) within 7 calendar days before the actual event in order to avoid any late cancellation charges.  You can email Mr. Mike at
Thank you.  - Mr. Mike 

Hi everyone!  Happy New year from the Library!  
We have been fortunate enough to purchase some new and exciting books for the library, but will need help laminating these books in order to get them on the shelves quickly.  Laminating books is    simple and can be done at home.  What a great way to earn SOS hours!  Please email Lisa Hopp at if you would like to laminate books from home to help fulfill your SOS requirement. 

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