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MARCH 2018
Randy McMillan,  Head of School
We have some of the most passionate and dedicated teachers around! Recently, one of our teachers told me an amazing story from her class. While asking for a student volunteer to pray during Bible class, she observed several students who seemed uncomfortable praying. She decided to teach her class how to pray. Afterward, a student handed her a note that said, "Thank you for teaching us how to pray. Now I feel like I can connect with God." I love hearing examples like this where our teachers help students grow in their relationship with Christ!
Annual Auction: This Friday is our Annual Auction! It will be an incredible night for us to enhance our great school together. You don't want to miss this fun Hawaiian themed night. Today is the last day to register online.  CLICK HERE to register and for more information.
Re-enroll for Next Year: Our 2018-2019 enrollment for returning students and prospective new students is up 15%. If you haven't re-enrolled yet, please do so soon. CLICK HERE to re-enroll online today.
Thank you for being part of the RCS Family!
Randy McMillan
Head of School

Laura Brundage, Elementary Principal

Conflict resolution is a part of everyday life for all of us. This is a skill that we don't often think about in our everyday interactions, yet it is one of the most important tools to have in our toolbox in order to interact with others as well as maintain and build all of the relationships in our lives. All of us have dealt with difficult people and difficult situations within our families, our friendship groups, and at work.

Have you ever stopped to think about where conflict resolution skills (or lack thereof) are develop? Sibling and peer relationships are where it all starts. At Renton Christian School we have adopted a program called Kelso's Choice. This conflict-management curriculum is based on the premise that every child is capable of becoming a peacemaker. Designed around Kelso the Frog, this program offers nine options students can choose from to resolve conflicts. It helps students differentiate between problems they can handle on their own and those requiring adult intervention. Additionally, it empowers them with skills to make and become accountable for their own choices. The curriculum can be implemented school-wide, in a classroom, in a small-group setting or for individual counseling. It includes differentiated instruction for lower elementary and upper elementary students. The presentation and program goals are configured to meet varying developmental and maturity levels, while keeping message and language the same.

As we implement this new program, you may hear some language like: go to another game, talk it out, tell them to stop, apologize, make a deal, walk away, share and take turns, wait and cool off, or ignore it. The students are encouraged to first decide if the conflict is one that they can handle on their own or if they need an adult's help. Either way, the students are encouraged to pick two options provided and get to work on resolving their differences!

Julie Schmitke, Secondary Principal

Generation Z and Why They Matter

Who is Gen Z?
If you attended the parent enrichment night this week, you may recall Pastor Matt Harder talking about Gen Z. The students in our school, including your child, are considered Generation Z. The first wave of Gen Z students will enter college this fall. Gen Z's processing of information, worldview formation, and social connections are more different than ever due to technology and continual access to information. Other names for this age group of school aged children include iGen, Gen Tech, Net Gen, and Digital Natives. Do you see a trend?

What does this mean for Christian education?
Gen Z is also known as the first "post-Christian" generation. According to a study from the Barna Group, more than one third of Gen Z people surveyed believe that it's not possible to know for sure that God is real. Truth seems relative. Their world is uncertain. They long for connection and want to change the world.

This is why Christian education matters. Imagine a passionate generation who desires to change the world and is pointed to the Truth of Christ. What an impact this generation can make. They aren't interested in learning about culture. They want to BE the culture. I am excited to be in a place that can make that happen in an environment focused on the absolute Truth of God that every person matters, has a purpose, and can be in relationship with Him.

Want to stay up with the trends of Generation Z? Sign up for the Culture Translator
by Axis Ministries.
For every newly enrolled family that you refer to Renton Christian School, $1,000 will be discounted from your tuition. Some restrictions apply, but this is a great way to help our school grow and to receive a discount on your child's tuition for 2018 - 2019.  Please contact our Registrar,
Charity Warren, if you have any questions.


Go on-line and order your
RCS '17-'18 Yearbook today!
The  RCS Annual Auction is this Friday!
This year we are raising money to invest in converting the space behind the gym stage into two locker rooms for athletics & PE.  Each will have a bathroom accessible inside.  This will provide much needed facilities for athletic teams to change and meet prior to games.  It will also provide the opportunity for upper grades to change into athletic clothes prior to PE.

YOUR participation in our Auction as a Sponsor, Attendee or Volunteer is what makes all the difference!  Get Involved Today!  
Click here to purchase Auction tickets. Today is the last day to register online.

Facility/Grounds Work Party

We are sprucing up our facility and grounds for Easter. Help other RCS and NL families from 9 am - 2 pm on Saturday, March 24th with various tasks including painting, landscaping, pressure washing, etc. Donuts & pizza will be provided. To sign up: CLICK HERE.


Hey Parents:
Here's the scoop you need to know for the BASC non-school/half school days & early release days coming up in March: 

        March 9th:             RCS Spring Auction                                                Open 3:00 to 4:00*
        March 16th:           Non-School Day ("St. Patrick's Theme" Day)        Open 6:30 am-6pm
        March 23rd:           Half-School Day (Math Olympics)                          Open 11:30 am-6pm
        March 30th:           Half-School Day (Good Friday)                         Open 11:30 am to 4:00**
*BASC will close at 4 pm on March 9th for the spring auction. Pickups after 4pm will be charged a late pickup fee.

Thank you.  - Mr. Mike  
Spring is just around the corner and we are spring cleaning in the library.  We could use help to organize our shelves so that the students have effortless access to all of our wonderful library materials.  This is an excellent way to earn SOS hours and can be done almost anytime during the school day!   
Please contact for more information!  Thanks!

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