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LeeAnn Pyeatt, Interim Head of School
We are blessed with a beautiful fall season. The colors change, the air is crisp, and God blesses us with all the wonders of this time of year. It's football season! Go Hawks! 

School is underway and we have established routines, procedures, and expectations for student learning.  It is an exciting time at RCS. Your students are exhibiting excellent behavior and are accepting the challenges presented to them in the classroom with diligence, creativity, and enthusiasm.  It is a joy to share in their learning experiences.

Our teachers have done an outstanding job in beginning the year with patience, love, and rigor. Our chapels have stressed resilience, leadership, and determination. These important life lessons will help produce young people of Christian character and integrity. Ecclesiastes tells us, "There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven..." So enjoy this season!  Let's celebrate together the many blessings God has given us for the 2017-2018 school year!  
Laura Brundage, Elementary Principal

Laura Brundage, Elementary Principal

Welcome back!  School is in full swing at RCS. Students are learning and growing each day. Reading is an instrumental part of learning. When your children are in Kindergarten through 2nd grade, they are learning to read.  As children move from 3rd grade on, they are reading to learn. Because reading and comprehension are vital aspects of learning, early assessment and intervention will produce strong results.

We have had several big changes around campus, and one that I am very excited about is the addition of an Instructional Interventionist.  Big words, I know.  Also big impact for RCS! What is this position you ask? An academic interventionist is a certificated teacher that assesses student achievement and creates a plan for improvement.
This resource can be implemented in a multitude of ways. One way RCS will utilize this resource is by creating a team between the classroom teacher and interventionist to create intentional and individualized learning opportunities. Additionally, we are evaluating reading levels for all elementary students. We will track data to assess reading growth each year, which is very exciting!

This is an extremely exciting time. Lisa Hopp came to us last year as a 4th grade teacher and has now been moved into the library and will serve as our Academic Interventionist. She has 6 years of experience in this role and is passionate about serving students. Her energy and enthusiasm for reading will inspire our students to set and attain academic goals throughout the year.

Julie Schmitke, Secondary Principal
Study Strategies
  Julie Schmitke, Secondary Principal

I have had the pleasure of overseeing the 6th - 8th grade program at RCS for the last ten years. I knew from the moment I began my educator training that this was the age group on which I wanted to focus. This still holds true today. Whether you are in the middle of the middle school years with your teenager/tweener or will be embarking on it in the future, it can be a difficult but rewarding journey.
As kids get older, the learning material becomes more complex and you may find it more difficult to help your child. Here are some tools you can use to help your child study:
  1. Flashcards - Turn questions and answers into flashcards and have your child quiz him/herself. The cards are then sorted into piles of "mastered" and "needs practice."
  2. Categorizing - Use the flashcards to organize information by categories.
  3. Word combining - Use vocabulary words in sentences. Start with one and then combining two or three in the same relevant sentence.
  4. Song lyrics - Have the child rewrite a favorite song using the study material and then rehearse the song.
  5. Picture notes - Draw pictures on flashcards or a whiteboard and then describe them.
  6. Talk-through - Ask your child to tell you about each concept in as much detail as possible without reading the text.
  7. Mnemonic device - Remember My Very Excellent Mother Just Served Us Nine Pizzas (the mnemonic for the planets +/- Pluto - what's Pluto's current status anyway)? Have your child create a mnemonic that they can remember. Be creative. Have Fun.
  8. Perspective Talk - talk or write about the material pretending to be somebody or something else.
  9. Superhero letter - Write a letter to a superhero explaining the material and why it's important.
Using a purposeful study strategy will increase your child's study effectiveness and retention. Try them and let me know if you have a favorite.

SOS Hours Opportunity
SOS Hours!
The library is looking for assistance in organizing and shelving library books.   If you would like to earn SOS hours while working in the library, please contact Mrs. Hopp to schedule a time to come in.
Mrs. Hopp, Librarian 
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