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Fee Schedule 2022 - 2023

Kindergarten Prep - 8th Grade

Application Fee

Due upon enrollment, the $75 application fee only applies to new students. This fee must be paid prior to the family interview and is non-refundable. SLC Families are exempt from this fee.

Registration Fee

Due upon enrollment - $175 per student or $350 maximum per family. (Non-refundable after February 28, 2022).

Facilities' Fee

Due with tuition; $550 per new family and can be billed monthly. (see below)

RETURNING FAMILIES MUST RE-ENROLL by February 28, 2022, to avoid the inclusion of the $550 Facilities Fee.

Activity Fee

This fee covers the cost of field trips, auction class projects and classroom technology. This will be added to the total monthly payment (see below).

Curriculum Fee

This fee is dedicated to the student use of textbooks and other materials utilized in the classroom. It will be added to the total monthly payment (see below).

Tuition Rates

The student enrolled in the highest grade at RCS is considered the first (1st) child.

Annual TuitionAnnual Fees
Grade1st Child2nd Child3rd ChildActivity FeeCurriculum Fee
K Prep AM/PM$6,875$6,193$5,500$132$253
K - 5th$10,175$9,163$8,140$132$253
7th - 8th$11,330$10,197$9,064$352$253

Tuition per 11-Month PaymentsFees per 11-Month Payments
Grade1st Child
2nd Child
3rd Child
Activity FeeCurriculum FeeNew Family
Facilities Fee
K Prep AM/PM$625$563$500$12$23$50
K - 5th$925$833$740$12$23$50
7th - 8th$1,030$927$824$32$23$50

The 4th child will be billed at 30% below the third child tuition rate. Fees will remain the same.

11 Equal Monthly Payments are due July through May and include, tuition, activity fee, curriculum fee, and facility fee (if applicable). All accounts must be paid in full by June 30, 2023.

July's Monthly Payment is required by and non-refundable after August 1, 2022.