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The 4 Pillars:

Since 1979, Renton Christian School has offered academics from a Biblical worldview in a Christ-centered environment in order to Disciple and to Evangelize students. Such a commitment requires accelerated academic programs, classroom technology, well-trained teachers, and quality facilities. The Annual Legacy Fund services four main pillars that finance the operations of a growing private Christian School. Our vision is that through this fund our current and future student's years to come will commit their lives to a devoted relationship with Christ, have a positive and safe learning environment, and carry God’s call to their future careers and families. Each gift donated is a legacy; a seed deposited into the next generation’s future.

There are endless inspirational stories about students who have excelled in life because of the foundation they received at Renton Christian. It is important that the lives of students continue to be impacted through our programs and teachers. The cost of operating a first-class, private, Christian school continues to rise each year and it is our desire to keep tuition as affordable as possible. The donations of our supporters will continue be important in assisting us with our annual expenses. We appreciate your support to Renton Christian School and the legacy we thrive to build in our past, current, and future students.

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