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Renton Christian Online Hight School

Q: What is the best way to investigate further into the Renton Christian Virtual High School curriculum and programs?

A: Call the school office at 425-226-0820 or email at You will receive a guest log-in to explore our high school in greater depth."

Q: Will RCS Online High School meet graduation requirements?

A: Yes. Students may need to receive additional PE credit for outside athletics as allowed by state law.

Q: How will we know if our student is on track for graduation?

A: When the student signs up with RCS Online High School they will complete a four-year plan for graduation which will be reviewed quarterly. In addition, each class requires a pace chart to be completed for the first assignment. The RCS principal then has access to each student's progress including grades and whether or not they are on pace.

Q: How often will students need to be on campus?

A: There will be a chapel attendance requirement for students. It is yet to be determined how many weekly chapels students will need to attend. In addition, students will need to be on campus for a week of standardized testing in April. They will need at minimum a quarterly meeting for assessing progress.

Q: Are the courses presented from a biblical worldview?

A: Yes. All courses are taught by Christian instructors and are supported by documentation of the biblical principles taught in that course.

Q: What standards do the courses meet?

A: The courses are aligned to national standards set forth by that discipline. For example, math courses are aligned to the standards set forth by the National Council for the Teachers of Mathematics.

Q: What about participating in sports?

A: Students can participate in sports through their assigned high school. You would need to contact that school for more specific information.

Q: What about the social development of my teenager?

A: RCS Online High School does not impact the home, church, and athletic environments in which students already participate. For the school environment, there will be a dedicated virtual lab for the online high school students. Students will be permitted to schedule hours during which they would like to work in the lab. Students will also have the opportunity to participate in chapels here on campus. In addition to field trips, service opportunities, and chapels, there will be opportunities for online message boards or chat rooms to help students engage socially.

Q: What about college admissions?

A: RCS will schedule some campus visits as well as campus representatives to come and talk to students.

Q: What if my student wants to take classes on a part-time basis?

A: If your student is not graduating from RCS Online High School, you will need to check with the school issuing the diploma first as to whether or not they will transfer the credit.

Q: What about Advanced Placement (AP) classes or Running Start?

A: RCS Online High School offers AP classes in preparation for taking the College Board exam for AP credit. These classes are recommended for juniors and seniors. At this time, there is no Running Start program for college attendance. It is still being determined where students will take the AP exams.

Q: What if my student started at another school and wants to transfer and graduate from RCS Online High School?

A: The regular admission requirements would need to be met such as testing and a family interview (new families only). Students will need to submit transcripts of work already completed for a credit evaluation. After that, a four-year graduation plan will be completed.