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Graduation Requirements

What courses will you need to take in high school to succeed in college or in a career? Here's what's required to graduate in Washington State, as well as what school counselors suggest you take (in addition to the minimum) to prepare yourself for the future. Note that your school may have different requirements.

OSPI Class of 2016 Requirement: 4 credits
Counselors suggest: 4 credits

Being able to read well, write fluently, and communicate clearly is absolutely essential for college or for any job. Language arts (English) classes will help you do that and develop an appreciation for literature.

OSPI Class of 2016 Requirement: 3 credits
Counselors suggest: 3-4 credits

A good understanding of math is needed in our high-tech, 21st century world. You should aim to take math every year. Math courses include Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Pre-calculus, and Calculus.

OSPI Class of 2016 Requirement: 3 credits
Counselors suggest: 2-3 credits

Social studies courses help you learn more about the world around us. These courses include Geography, Government, Civics, World History, World Cultures, US History, and Political Science.

OSPI Class of 2016 Requirement: 3 credits (2 of lab science)
Counselors suggest: 3-4 credits

Science is important for any career path, as the study of science teaches you to observe carefully and use logical reasoning to answer questions. Courses include Chemistry, Geology, Biology, and Physics.

OSPI Class of 2016 Requirement: 2 credits
Counselors suggest: 2-4 credits

Most colleges require at least two years of study of a foreign language (such as Japanese, French, Spanish, Chinese, or Latin). Understanding the cultures and language of other countries is essential today.

OSPI Class of 2016 Requirement: 2 credits (may waive 1 credit if total credits achieved is 24)
Counselors suggest: 1-2 credits

Studying the arts helps you learn to express yourself creatively and find new ways to interpret your surroundings. Arts courses include Art, Music, Photography, Drama, and Dance.

OSPI Class of 2016 Requirement: 2 credits in Health, 1 credit in Occupational Education, and 2 credits in Career Concentration.

The elective courses you take will be determined in part by the career pathway you select when you are in 9th grade.

Your high school advisor will help you develop a Four-year Plan that tracks the courses you plan to take each year. In each of these areas, register for the most advanced class level you can manage.

Language Arts, Mathematics, History & Geography, Science, Foreign Language, Visual Arts, Performing Arts, Electives