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Renton Christian Online Hight School

Greetings from the Head of School

Renton Christian School was launched in 1979, at a time when most had not heard of the Internet, or used computers for anything other than to play games. Today, we live in an entirely different world where students know nothing other than Tablets, Smart Phones, and flat screen televisions. The advancements of technology have provided innovative manners by which learning can occur as well. It is no longer required to sit in a class full of students for 6 hours a day, 5 days a week. Students can study untethered from a building and a clock. There is no obligation to be at a certain desk at a certain time.

Renton Christian School has established a solid reputation in our community for providing academic excellence and a strong biblical foundation in our students. This is true in our brick-and-mortar elementary and junior high schools, and will be the experience in our virtual high school as well.

We invite you to look around our website, acquire a guest log-in from the school office, and review how our program works. I know you will be impressed. Here at Renton Christian, we are excited about this innovation in Christian schooling and to see the success of our students as they move through high school and beyond!

For guest log-in information, please contact the school office at: 425-226-0820, or email at:

Randy McMillan
Head of School