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Renton Christian Online Hight School

A Day in the Life

There is no typical day for a Renton Christian Virtual High School student. All students share a common desire to learn from a Biblical worldview and a desire to learn independent study skills while working on rigorous, college preparatory courses.

Students will average approximately one hour per day per course, and additional time is needed for AP courses, plus other school activities. A full-time student taking five classes might expect to spend approximately 25-30 hours per week online, in off-line texts, participating in online chats, and completing school assignments. This can be considerably less time than a traditional school student spends who has to prepare in the morning, travel to and from school, and complete homework in the evening in addition to the school day.

What the school day looks like is determined by each student. Some online students will rise early and work continuously throughout the morning, and others start their day later and enjoy morning activities. Whichever the case, all of our VHS students typically settle into a daily routine after a few short weeks, once they determine what works best for them and for their families. Students can be involved in community and church activities, so they schedule their schoolwork at times that do not conflict with service projects and other opportunities. Students that travel set daily completion goals that keep them on schedule with their schoolwork, but also allow them the flexibility to sightsee and do "real world" learning throughout the day during daylight hours. Families can choose block schedules, modified schedules, flexible rotating schedules, etc. The point is – there is no set way to approach your day when you are an online student. It really comes down to what works best for you and for your family.

"A student needs to find a space free from distractions."