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BASC Kids is an extension of Renton Christian School and provides care and activities for students from 6:30 AM - 6:00 PM. BASC Kids is available before and after school days as well as on non-school days. Daily activities include free time, homework time, outdoor play, arts and crafts, snacks and special events. See all of our available plans and pricing below for 2023-2024.
For any additional questions, please reach out to our BASC Kids director Brianna Prado at

2023-2024 Plans & Information 

Monthly Plan

Choose our monthly plan if you anticipate your child will be in BASC Kids more than 1.5 hours per day on average. This will provide a consistent monthly rate.

K – 8th Grade Standard BASC+ Total w/ BASC+
Before & After School $450 $170 $620
Before School Only 6:30am - 8:20am $280 $170 $450
After School Only 3:00pm – 6:00pm $340 $170 $510


Mid-Day K-prep Price
Before & After School $660
Before School Only 6:30am -12:00pm $410
After School Only 11:30am – 6:00pm $410

Customized Plan

Create your own customized plan by paying only when they use BASC Kids services. They will save money with a monthly plan if your child is in BASC Kids more than 1.5 hours per day and/or needs care for at least 70% of the non-school days.

Length Rate
Drop-in Rate (per half hour) $10 per half hour
Half Day Care (early release days) $55 per day
Full Day Care (non-school days) $75 per day


The BASC Kids+ plan covers all non-school days when BASC Kids is in session. Non-school day care is available on weekdays when school is closed or released early (except holiday closures; see BASC Kids calendar for detailed dates).

The BASC Kids+ plan will save over 30% compared to the full rate for all non-school days and registration is only available until October 1st.

BASC Kids+ is billed monthly from September – June.

Non School Days and Early Release Days

Care is available for children that are enrolled in BASC Kids on most of the days that Renton Christian School is not in session. If you are on the BASC Kids+ plan Non-School days and early release days are included in their monthly cost. Standard BASC Kids care or registered drop-in care plans DO NOT include these days and an additional charge will be added to your account for attendance.

Registration forms for the Non-School and Early Release Days are needed for ALL students who need care and will be available online through your FACTS login and here on the RCS website. Registration is due one week prior to the non-school day. Students who drop in will be billed the full day rate plus a $25 non-registration fee.

BASC Kids Holidays and Early Closure Days

BASC Kids observes the below holidays in addition to closures and early closures during the school year.


Day(s) & Date(s) Holiday/Event
M-F, August 21st through 25th Summer camp clean-up
Monday, September 4th Labor Day
Tuesday, September 5th Meet Your Teacher
Friday, November 10th Veteran’s Day
Wednesday, November 22nd 4:00 pm closure
Thursday, November 23rd Thanksgiving Day
Friday, November 24th Day After Thanksgiving
Friday, December 22nd 4:00 pm closure  
M-F, December 25th through December 29th Christmas Break
Monday, January 1st New Year's (Observed)
Monday, January 15th ML King Jr. Day
Friday, February 9th 4:00 pm closure
Friday, February 16th 4:00 pm closure
Monday, February 19th President's Day
Friday, March 29th 4:00 pm closure
Thursday April 4th & Friday April 5th Spring Break Observed
Friday, May 24th 4:00 pm closure
Monday, May 27th Memorial Day
M-F, June 17th through June 21st Summer Camp Setup

Multiple Child Discount

A 10% tuition discount is applied for your 2nd child, and a 20% discount for your 3rd child. The Multiple Child Discount does not apply to Drop-In Care.

Drop-In Care

I understand that I will be charged a rate of $10.00 per half hour (rounded up to the nearest half hour) and that I will be billed monthly. Students who are not picked up before 3:15pm will be billed from 3:00 pm until they are clocked out. I understand that I must complete a BASC Kids registration form/fee and all required accompanying documents.

Late Pickup Fee

I understand if I fail to pick up my child by 6:00 p.m. (or 4:00 p.m. on specific days when the BASC Kids program closes early), that I will be charged a late fee of $2.00 per minute for the first 15 minutes and $1.00 per minute for every minute thereafter, until the time my child is picked up. I understand if I am repeatedly late in picking up my child that I may be asked to find alternative care for my child.

Additional Details 

All families who use BASC Kids (monthly or drop-in) incur a one-time $50 registration fee per student.

Changes to monthly plans must be done by the 20th of the month to apply for the next month.

BASC Kids+ is a fixed, nonrefundable plan from September – June, and registration is only available until October 1st.

Non-School Days and Half Days are not included in the After School rate

BASC Kids Payment Policy

I understand that all BASC Kids charges will be billed through the schools billing program. Regular monthly tuition is billed at the beginning of the month of service. Late fees apply if not paid by the end of the month. Drop-in fees are billed by the 5th of the month following service. Late fees apply for drop in charges if not paid by the end of the following month. All RCS School past due policies apply.

Any questions or changes to my billing need to be communicated in advance by email to

Withdrawal Policy

I understand if my child does not attend the BASC Kids program for a month without prior notice, the BASC Kids program will assume that my child has been withdrawn, and I will be charged my regular rate for the month following the last day my child attended and my spot may be given to another child.

I understand that the Withdrawal Policy only applies to families using the BASC Kids program's Part Time or Full Time services and that it does not apply to parents only using Non-School, Early Release or Drop-In care.