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Meet Our Pastors


Elementary Chapel

Grade Time
Kprep - 2nd  8:45am
3rd - 5th  9:45am

Our students are valuable, and they deserve a space to worship and learn about the God that gives them great value. Chapel is an engaging, fun, and impactful environment where all RCS students get to dive into the Bible and the life of Jesus. It’s a weekly opportunity to encourage, love, and disciple our students. Pastor Michael is our Elementary Pastor. Pastor and a team of guest speakers bring the word of God to life each week through powerful illustration and communication.

Our middle school chapel is led by Pastor Vinnie. Pastor Vinnie brings an amazing and challenging word that is targeted specifically for this generation and the REAL challenges our kids face each day. Over 200 middle school students get to come together for a time of worship together and to learn from the word of God.

Grade Time
7th & 8th   11:45am

Middle School Chapel