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We are excited to launch our new lunch program in partnership with Academic Eats! Through this exciting program, lunch will be provided to our students daily by the following local restaurants:

Romios – Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday lunch delivery
Christies Catering – Monday, Wednesday Lunch Delivery 

At Renton Christian, we have 4 different lunch times during the day. Every student will have the same lunch options to choose from each month. Our lunch ordering is split between the different lunch times we have each day. This allows our local restaurant partners to bring hot and fresh food to your students each day.

When ordering you will see the 2 different calendar options when selecting Renton Christian. Please select the option for your student's grade level.

When ordering lunch for your student, you have two main options:

Order Lunch - Select the meals and day(s) adding as many days as you want and pay as 1 lump sum total. For this option you would need to complete a separate order for each one of your students.

Autopay - A set it and forget it approach. Select the meals and days you want each week and be billed automatically weekly for your students' lunches. For this option you can add all of your students to the same payment.

Please see below for detailed descriptions and a video walkthrough of each option. For questions around ordering, email Lunch orders can be placed until 7am the morning of school.

Order Lunch

  • Click the "place order" button under Order Lunch on

  • Select Renton Christian School in the search. Options will be:
  • Click on the day(s) you want to order lunch. Add as many days as you would like
  • Select "Add to Cart" with the quantity of lunches you want to add
  • If you would like to add more days, simply select "Continue Shopping" to go back to the calendar
  • When finished adding all the days you want, select "Proceed to Checkout"
  • When in checkout you will be prompted for the following information:
    • Email Address
    • Phone Number (Optional)
    • Name of the person receiving the meal
    • Using the drop down, select the students teacher
  • Agree to terms, and Pay

Watch a video walkthrough HERE


  • Click the "Set up Autopay" under Autopayment on
  • Enter your email address and select "Request email login link"
  • Once you receive the email, click the link in the body of the email to login to Academic Eats. No password is required!
  • Select "Add Autopay Schedule" to create your plan
  • Add recipient
  • Type in the name of the student receiving the meal
  • Search Schools and choose Renton Christian School in the search. Options will be:
  • Select your student's teacher in the dropdown
  • Select what meal your student wants for each day of the week you wish to setup autopayment by selecting "Select Meals" and adding lunch to deliveries for that day
  • Select Save
  • Choose "Add Recipient" if you would like to add another student in your family to autopay. If not choose "Proceed to Checkout"
  • Review the per week charge for the total of all the meals selected
  • Enter your information and choose "subscribe" 

Watch a video walkthrough HERE