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We are here to serve you and your family as a ministry of Renton Christian School and New Life Church. Sonshine Learning Center or “SLC” is a licensed, full day childcare program serving children from one month to six years of age. 

  • Teaching the child in the way they should go-with tenderness  
  • Leading the child through wise ways-with love  
  • Correcting the child by positive direction-with caring  

The philosophy of Sonshine Learning Center is designed to meet the needs of the whole child. With developmental goals in mind, we place an emphasis on enhancing your child's self-esteem, encouraging cognitive and physical development, and supporting social, emotional, and spiritual growth



Activities that appear to be merely play to adults are very important learning activities for children. With the right environment and the right tools, children will choose to learn. We want to utilize a child's natural curiosity, imagination, and creativity to engage them in the process of learning. 

Our program builds on the skills children generally acquire at certain ages, and within these parameters, each child's talents and abilities unfold at different times. We encourage the unique and special qualities of your child and assist him/her in reaching their full potential. Your child will be developing skills that will be needed for the years ahead. Most importantly, we want your child to enjoy being a child who loves to play, learn, and laugh. 
To truly meet the needs of the whole child, we feel a child's spiritual needs must also be met. Our full day program will provide time each day for the teaching of biblical truths and Christian principles. This vital part of our curriculum includes time for age-appropriate Bible study, and/or life application stories exploring subjects such as love, thankfulness, and honesty. 
We look forward to having the opportunity to share in your child's life as they explore, experience, and learn about the world around them. 



“...and the child increased in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and man."

Luke 2:54


It is our purpose to help each child to grow intellectually (wisdom), physically (stature), spiritually (in favor with God), and socially (in favor with man). 

While we take each of these emphases very seriously, the area in which we are distinctive from many other childcare centers is our focus on the spiritual nature of children, as well as the mental, emotional, social, and physical natures. To fully educate a child, attention must be paid to the "whole child.” This is a part of a child which is often neglected but it is one of the most important parts; that is, teaching the child about his/her relationship to our God, the Creator. At Sonshine Learning Center we share with each child several truths upon which the foundation of our spiritual teaching is based.

These truths are exemplified each day through the example and guidance of the teachers, in blessings before meals and snacks, and in Bible lessons. Our preschool children will have structured daily times to sing songs and learn stories, either from the Bible or modern life, to illustrate a truth or to help develop character traits that support the children to “grow in favor”. Our older preschoolers will amaze their parents by memorizing Bible verses, The Ten Commandments and the Lord’s Prayer. Our approach is always positive and affirming for the child. 

Families of Sonshine Learning Center can expect that we will: 


  • Provide opportunities for physical, social, emotional, cognitive, and spiritual growth, in individual and group experiences. 
  • Provide a foundation for later learning through practice in following directions and encouragement in good listening habits. 
  • Provide opportunities for interaction with others of the same age, as well as with adults and children of varying ages, in a wholesome Christian environment. 
  • Give a sense of achievement at the child's own level of accomplishment. 
  • Encourage creativity and self-expression through activities such as art and music. 
  • Guide the child towards having a strong foundation of skills that will benefit them both today and in the future. 

Stimulate eagerness to learn in, and about the world around us through: 

  • Learning to know and love God, who made us and our world 
  • Learning about God's creation through nature walks and simple scientific experiences
  • Learning about language through oral expression and reading readiness 
  • Learning with number and math activities 

If you have any questions or would like to set up a time to visit our learning center for a tour, please fill out our INQUIRE form, or contact Suzette Breckel, Director of Childcare Services.

Suzette Breckel | Director of Childcare Services 

Phone: (425) 226-0820 Ext. 492 

Hours: 6:30 am - 6:00 pm


We look forward to hearing from you and sharing this special time with your child!  

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