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Parent Teacher Fellowship (PTF)

Renton Christian School is assisted by the support and participation of the parents who work hand-in-hand with the teachers and students at our school. Parent volunteerism and fundraisers help the school provide the students the "extras" that enhance the academic, social and spiritual experience of everyone involved with RCS. Parents and Teachers Serving with Students Make a Difference!

There are so many ways to get involved! If you are interested in joining PTF for the next school year, please email for more information. Find out what YOU can do!


Purpose of PTF

The purpose of your PTF is to support the mission of Renton Christian School by:

  • Encouraging fellowship among parents, teachers and friends of the school
  • Building cooperation between all groups involved with the school
  • Encouraging communication between parents, administration and the school board
  • Pursuing topics of discussion that will help improve the quality of our children's education
  • Providing leadership and support for the fund-raising activities of the school
  • Praying for the students, administration, staff and school board

PTF Team