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Serving Our School

S.O.S. is a program established to help keep tuition increases to a minimum. It is also an opportune time to get to know other parents, teachers, staff members of Renton Christian School. 

Guidelines for S.O.S.

  • Each family is required to give thirty (30) hours of service annually between the dates of July 1st & the last day of school. Hours may be served by any adult in the family.
  • S.O.S. hours worked should be recorded using the online form available here.
  • Un-worked hours will be charged at $25.00 per hour on the June billing.
  • Families requesting to pay the fee, rather than serve the hours, will be billed in the May or June billing.
  • Hours served on a PTF, or school committee will count towards S.O.S. requirements.
  • Each family member attending PTF meetings will be credited two hours per meeting.
  • Family members may contact classroom teachers for possible work assignments.
  • Each Mom or grandmother attending Moms in Prayer receives 1 SOS hour credit.

We appreciate your participation in S.O.S. This will be a time of serving and making friends as well as a time of growth for ourselves and our children. Each family completes the Parent Ministry Survey during the online registration process.

If you would like to find out more about specific SOS opportunities, please email