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Sixth Grade Supply List

  1. Bible, NIV with a concordance (not an Adventure Bible/Children’s edition) Link to purchase Bible
  2.   (1) 2-3 in. 3-Ring binder with zipper close & 8 separate folders or dividers inside
  3.   (3) composition notebooks (no spirals, at least 70 pgs) all lined paper
  4.   (4) dozen #2 sharpened pencils
  5.   (2) packs wide ruled notebook paper
  6.   (1) book cover for math book (fits 9”x12”)
  7.   (1) 24 count colored pencil.
  8.   (1) scissors
  9.   (1) sturdy pencil bag to hook into 3-ring binder
  10.   (2) good erasers
  11.   (4) sharpie markers (2 fine, 2 ultra fine)
  12.   (1) hand pencil sharpener
  13.   (1) boxes of Kleenex
  14.   (2) packs of lined 3x5 notecards
  15.   (2) mechanical pencils w/extra lead
  16.   (1) container of disinfectant wipes
  17.   (1) Pack of 16 count water colors
  18.  (1) Bottle of Hand Sanitizer


Mandatory Middle School Supply List

Students will be provided with a planner on "Meet Your Teacher Day"

IMPORTANT NOTE: Notebooks, binders, book covers, etc. must be wholesome, positive, and consistent with Christian values.

General (needed for every class)
All of these items the students will keep in their binder or in their locke
1.  (1) 2" thick 3-ring binder (you only need one for all the classes)
2. White notebook paper 8 1/2 X 11 (must be kept supplied throughout the year)
3. Ruler (both English and metric) must have 3 holes to carry in binder
4. 10 subject dividers with tabs
5. (1) pencil pouch to keep the following (used for all classes)
6. Red ink pens
7. Blue or black ink pens
8. Multi-colored highlighters (will be used frequently)
9. Scissors
10. Erasers
11. Pencils or mechanical pencils with refills
12. Glue stick
13. Ultra-thin black sharpie for map work
14. Fine tip black sharpie for labeling items
15. Colored pencils (long 12 count, sharpened before school starts)
16. Pencil sharpener
17. Bible, NIV Study Bible with concordance and cross-references (not an Adventure bible or children's edition). Will use for 2 years.
18. Laptop or similar device.  Please see device specifications for a description of the device needed each day. (Extra charger to be kept at school.)

Please drop off these school supplies on meet your teacher day:
1. (1) full size box of Kleenex (don't put name on it)
2. (400) 3x5 Notecards
3. (2) Package graph paper
4. (1) package computer paper
5. (1) container of Clorox wipes
6. (l)  Bottle of Hand Sanitizer


Nothing extra needed


1.  Sturdy book cover
2.  Calculator:
     7th & 8th Courses 2 and 3 - Scientific calculator (recommend Texas Instruments).
     Algebra – Required TI-83 Plus graphing calculator.
 3.  (1) Composition Notebook


Headphones or ear buds for portable devices  ($1 at DollarTree)


1. Composition Notebook
2. Report covers


7th Grade
1. (1) Journal (preferably hardback as spiral notebooks fall apart quickly with the heavy use)
2. NIV Study Bible with concordance and cross references

8th Grade
1. Headphones or ear buds for portable devices  ($1 at DollarTree)
2. NIV Study Bible with concordance and cross references


Supply lists for elective classes will be provided in that class.