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Hello RCS families,

October 2022

Dear Renton Christian School Family,

Fall is in full swing and there is excitement in the air at RCS!  We have all returned and acclimated to the new school year, and there is joy all around the building!

We have much to celebrate!

•  Spiritual Emphasis Week chapels were life changing. Our Elementary Chapels emphasized that we can do great things because we are made in God’s image!  The virtue we focused on was creativity. We want to inspire students to fully understand that they are so special. God loves them so much. God has an amazing plan for their lives. In Middle School Chapels we focused on the Holy Spirit and hearing the still small voice as He leads. It was outstanding to see parents join us for the messages and worship. Times like this are a great example of our strong RCS community and family. We have Spiritual Emphasis Week twice a year, and they are truly a special time at RCS. Our students are blessed to be surrounded by adults who love and care for them, and who push them to grow every day both academically and spiritually. Spiritual Emphasis Week is an example of how we put time aside for students to grow spiritually. Thank you for your continued partnership!

• Move-A-Thon and Color Run fundraisers are in full swing. This is an exciting fundraiser that has many opportunities for students to earn really awesome prizes as they raise money for RCS. This year, we are raising money for a new school bus. As God has continued to bless RCS with amazing growth, we realize the need to get another bus to transport students to events such as student leadership conferences, sports events, and field trips. Any extra funds will go into our safety and security fund to equip the school with additional cameras that are needed as we grow. Please be looking out for emails on behalf of your child’s teacher noting the incentives for each day of this fundraiser. Don’t forget that the student(s) that raise the most money get to make our fearless leader, Mr. McMillan, into an ice cream sundae! Thanks in advance for helping to raise money for this cause.

• Homework can sometimes be a challenge. Some ideas that help students complete their homework with efficiency and precision are having a quiet area without many distractions to complete the work, having a break time between school and homework time to play and get outside, and setting goals for homework completion. Homework should always be a review of concepts learned in the classroom. If your child is struggling with the homework, please reach out to their teacher to get ideas on how to support them. We want our students to experience balance in life where there is work and play combined. Setting up a homework routine and system is the recipe for success. It also helps your student better understand life skills such as motivation, organization, and goal setting. 

The Royal Way is what we are all about at RCS!  We discuss the Royal Way frequently. Ask your child about this. At RCS we are all about treating others the way we wanted to be treated. The Royal Way is being kind, safe, responsible, and committed. We use these life skills and common language as a way to communicate how God wants us to treat one another. Words matter. We want students to understand that the things we say and actions we make have lasting impact. We have devoted time to explain the “why” behind RCS expectations. We want students to use the Royal Way whether they are at school, on a team, at home or with friends. The Royal Way helps students understand that working collaboratively means treating others well.  

We have much to look forward to!

• Our Harvest Day Celebration is scheduled for October 28th. This is an absolutely exciting day where we bring in farm animals, create a harvest maze, provide inflatables, and (of course) have our RCS pumpkin patch where all students get to take home a pumpkin. We will also be offering farm treats and apple cider. This is our third annual Harvest Day. Parents are always welcome to join us to see this fun event. Classes are all assigned a specific time to attend this fun event. Ask your child’s teacher if you want to pop by.

October 20th and 21st there will be no school for students due to Professional Development (PD) days for teachers. The hard work our teachers do in these PD days are part of what sets our teachers up for success in driving student growth in the classroom. Thank you, as always, for your flexibility and support regarding these opportunities.

Thank you for your prayers and support for the 22-23 school year. We are continually focused on:

1. Student Thinking – Our students are actively engaged in reading, writing, and discussing their schoolwork all day. Science and math are integrated with technology and students are learning deep history lessons with life implications and examples. All students should be actively thinking at all times each day. We want our students to reason, analyze, collaborate, and communicate as they tackle new concepts each day.

2. Biblical Integration – Our students understand concepts about creation, purpose, and God's truth.  God has a plan for their lives and God cares about what they are learning. We want students to understand the God of creation has thought through each detail and, as they learn in specific content and subject areas, we ensure that they see how the Bible speaks about these concepts.

3. Instructional Time – Every minute matters: we are focused on protecting instruction time for all students. We want to ensure that the education is well-rounded and routed in opportunities for discussion and teamwork. We also set apart time for Social/Emotional learning with our new Bible-based curriculum, Friendzy, which helps students connect with others and learn skills such as respect, empathy, and compassion.
4. Complete Partnership – One Team – Each student is surrounded by teachers who love and care for them. We value you as part of this team. We know we can do outstanding things together. Regardless of the situation, we are committed to come together to help raise up each student. 1 Corinthians 3:9 encourages us as co-workers in God’s service, and we are truly better together. I am so grateful for your partnership and prayers.

I pray that this year will be a year that brings blessing, encouragement, and joy. I am always in your corner and my office has an open door. Be blessed!


Lisa Hopp
RCS | Principal

A Message from the Principal

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